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I wear jeans everyday, to any function.  The newer and darker the denim, the dressier the occasion.  If your job forces you to wear a suit, I hope you make bank.  If your job forces you to wear khakis you should quit.

These are Levi’s Capitol E, 1901 vintage jeans.  Buckle-back selvage, ring spun denim jeans.  I bought them new for $150 and wore the crap out of them.  They are close to the end of their lives.  The crotch has been repaired once and is about to go again.

This is a before and after (about 3 years).



I’ve purchased many knock offs, but it’s always a mistake. Levi’s are the coolest.  If they absolutely don’t FIT you then try something else, but most jeans are simply trying to emulate Levi’s at certain stages in their history. Also, try not to wash them, they will last longer and get much cooler.  Some advise freezing them when they get stinky, or baby powder or Febreze.rocker fit 2

Guys, one of the most important elements of being respected in this world is authenticity.  It’s very difficult to be taken seriously (even if your goal is to be funny) when you’re wearing women’s jeans.  Pants that are overly doctored, flared, tapered or hurt your nuts, should not be in your closet.  Keep it simple.

I own expensive jeans because I’m insecure and I worked in NYC retail.

If you want to geek out on denim I can do that, but before I do, I will say that the coolest guys I know wear cheap Levi’s.

I own RRL, 45rpm, Jean Shop and Baldwin denim (made in KC).

I think the best jeans in the world are Levi’s LVC, vintage, selvge, Capitol E, red line, etc. they change the name every ten minutes, but basically it’s their most expensive line and they’re hard to find.  They use ring-spun selvage denim.  It’s the old way of putting together the fabric on a loom.  It’s made in smaller batches, so small that when they fold it over and sew up the leg it leaves a finished, “selvage” edge.rocker fit 2

All of the best denilevi redlinem comes from Japan.  Back in the seventies when Levi’s, Lee and Wrangler were trying to streamline (ruin) their productions, they swapped their old shuttle looms for much larger more efficient machines that produce an inferior product.  ”The man” wanted consumers to have to buy new jeans every few years as apposed to every five or six years.  If you think about when “Hole-y” jeans came around…the Ramons?…late seventies!  The jeans just fell apart because the fabric lost so much strength.

Japanese companies bought the the old looms and started producing their own products, like Evisu and 45rpm.  When the high end jean market took off in the late nineties Levi’s had to buy their denim, made from their old looms, at a much greater cost, from Japan.

If you can spring for one pair it will be hard to wear anything else.  But rest assured these jeans will NOT make you cooler.  The only people who will notice are other denim psychos.