Planning a trip is a pain in the ass, but it’s got to be done.  I’m down to deviate from a plan, wildly, but you gotta have a plan.  As it sits, I’m getting in a Honda Pilot on Thursday Feb. 6th 2013 and heading from Kansas City to Nederland, Colorado. We’re skiing for three days at El Dora.  The last time I was on a snowboard I got a 3rd degree shoulder separation for my trouble… so I’m nervous, but I will be riding differently now… I will not take anything for granted and try to just enjoy the feeling of sliding (not zipping) down a mountain, slowly.  We’ll go into Boulder and if I survive Nederland, we’ll go to Denver and board the Zephyr Train to San Fransisco.   The Zephyr originates in Chicago everyday and cuts the USA in half.  Over the Rocky and Sierra Mountains in a glass topped locomotive!

My bike will be packed into a box and ride in the luggage compartment.  I’ll spend a few days in San Francisco.  I’ve been at least 5 times but I hope to do it differently this time.  If I find myself at Fisherman’s Warf or Ghirardelli Square, I’ll be disappointed.  I’ll be getting around on my bike, so that’ll be a treat.  I’d like to go to the farmers market, take the boat to Sausalito, go to the Levi’s store, the Zen Center, workout under the tent at San Francisco Crossfit.  I want to have lunch with Teresa Sparks and visit Kyle Minor’s studio (it’s on a dock of the bay and it’s made of shipping containers!).  According to Liquor Stores and bouncers, I was Kyle Minor from the age of 19 to 21 (fake ID).  I’d like to eat some good seafood and In N Out Burger.  Once I’ve had my fill of the city I’m riding over to Oakland and hopping the Capital Corridor to Auburn, CA to hang with Doug Arioli and his family.  After a few days I’ll head down to Santa Barbera and LA (on the Coast Starliner) for a week then down to San Diego and maybe out to Catalina Island with Ryan Sparks and Todd Bennett.  After that, it’s back to LA and catching the Southwest Chief back to KC.  Might stop in Flagstaff, AZ or Albuquerque, NM or Wichita.  We’ll see how I’m feeling.

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This trip is just a little get out of KC in February. Feb and August are rough weather-wise.  The goal of this trip is all about the journey itself.  The only destination is Kansas City and I’d like to return with a different state of mind than I left with… that’s it.  Planning with the bike has been a bit stressful, but I hope it proves worthwhile when I can just hop on that sucker at the train stations and start exploring on my own time and pace.  I’ve got four small pannier bags that strap all around the bike’s frame.  I don’t really need two of them, but I guess I’ll fill them with food and other crap.  I’m not camping (unless something goes wrong) I’m staying with friends and not adverse to a hotel or hostel.

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Heading West

I’m planning a west coast tour at the moment…on the train! I’ll b gone for a month. I’ll have my bike & four pannier bags, that’s it.  Follow  my trip on Twitter – @brentcraw and #brentsbiketour.

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