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Battle A.D.D. – 1,2,3!



I am not a doctor but I know how to make myself more productive.  If you pocket option want to change your output, change your input.  I know that when I’m not putting sugar into my body and I’m exercising, I feel ten times better and therefore more focused.

I try to keep what I eat in The Zone (basically it’s eating a lot of veggies and little meat and little fat…nuts).  Eating this way keeps everything in balance (no insuline spikes).  Most human disease from Cancer to Alzheimer’s is caused by this lack of balance.  If you’re curious there’s a whole book about it by Barry Sears!  The fact that you will look ten times better is total bonus.


I workout evbike brooklyneryday.  EVERYDAY.  Could be a walk or a bike ride but I try to at least break a sweat and stretch.  Sound body, sound mind.

When I want to really get after it, I do Crossfit.  Just go to the website, find out what the Workout of the Day is… and then DO IT.  It’s the most efficient best workout, EVER. If it takes you more than an hour, you are doing it wrong.  Crossfit gyms are crazy expensive, but I swear it’s worth it.  I hate to admit it, pocket option philippines but the community aspect and the coaching is so important… and worth every penny.

Try not to get obsessed with this crap though.  You have to get into it and teach yourself how to live up to your physical potential, but don’t get lost in it  (No need to shave your arms, Fabio.)


This is my latest weapon in the battle!  It’s nothing crazy, just sit still for twenty minutes and try to focus only on your breath.  Sounds easy, but it’s impossible (for me).  The goal isn’t to become an awesome meditator, it’s developing greater attention.  I’m not trying to beat myself up when my mind wanders, I’m just training my mind in this very simple but specific way (Buddhist have been messing with this for 2500 years).  Through this practice I’m better able to “see” myself.  I can recognize when my thoughts have wandered or I’m doing something that doesn’t serve my goals.  I’m more compassionate, a better friend and I actually find that there is more time in the day (even though I wasted twenty-whole-minutes focusing on the rising and falling of my abdomen!)

Growing up, my mom always wanted me to be in the present (the past is gone, the future is nothing but an idea).  She could she her habits of negative-self-talk and insecurity, in me… replaying past events that I couldn’t change and imagining delusional scenarios about what’s going to happen next.  The present moment is almost always manageable… it’s the crap that we didn’t do or the stuff we’ve got to do tomorrow that stress us out.  One thing at a time, man!

Well that’s easier said than done!  How do you live in the present?  Take a breath!  Really.  Just take a breath… nothing else.  This simple act grounds you in your body and stops your mind from running wild for a second.  What do you really need right pocket option bonus code now?  If you don’t eat for a few weeks, you’ll die.  If you don’t have water for a few days, you’ll die… but it only takes a few minutes without air to shut everything down.  So breathe.  It’s all you really have to do!

Look into a meditation practice.  I got a CD from the Library called How To Meditate.  And then I attended a seminar by B. Alan Wallace (the author of Attention Revolution… he was the translator of the Dali Lama) that totally changed my life.  Everyday, my first goal is to settle my mind.  I brush my teeth, get some water, then I sit down on the floor for twenty minutes… the whole day is better.  It’s crazy.  I really feel it when I don’t do it.  My goal is to do three twenty-minute sessions a day (I’ve only done it a couple times). It’s so easy, but it’s the hardest thing in the world.  I swear, it’s a magic pill.  The world would be an amazing place if more people had a regular meditation practice.  There is a lot that I can’t control in this world, and I’d be a fool to worry about things I can’t control, right?  The only thing I really control, is my mind and how I feel about things and how I react to them.  I’ve finally realized that “stuff” cannot make me happy.  Other people can’t do it.  I’m in charge of my happiness, ME.

I could not imagine my life without these 3 things.  If you’ve never messed with this stuff, please do!  Just see if you feel better.  It’s a slow burn, though.  When you use a drug you feel better instantly, but then you crash and usually feel worse.  This is long term and waaaay more effective with rippling effects in all aspects of your life.  The only drawback is that it’s really hard.  Sucks if you’re lazy!